New Yorkers, Don’t Shut the Door on Refugees

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Diversity Is What Makes Our City Special

By Kelly Agnew-Barajas

Director of Refugee Resettlement, Catholic Charities NY

What Makes New York Unique?  

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New Half-Price MetroCards Offer Roadmap to Equality

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Mobility Equals Opportunity

Considered the great equalizer connecting New Yorkers to jobs, education and upward mobility, our roaring subway system turned a historic corner this week by agreeing to offer half-priced MetroCards to low-income New...

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Puerto Rican Day Parade 2018 Honors Catholic Charities

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Celebrates “the Best of Who We Are as a Community”

Draped in red, white and blue single-starred Puerto Rican flags, thousands lined New York City’s Fifth Avenue, dancing to salsa music and cheering as Catholic Charities NY and fellow honorees led the...

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Cardinal Dolan Shares Bear Hugs & Breakfast with Catholic Renewal Members

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Special Thank You for Helping Us Feed the Hungry

                       Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Mark McDemott and Msgr. Kevin Sullivan

In his neo-Gothic residence adjacent to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Cardinal Dolan entertained 35 top Catholic...

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First Kate Spade. Now Anthony Bourdain

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Making Sense – and Coping – with Recent Suicides

With sorrow and sympathy, we pray for Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade and all whose sadness cuts so deep they contemplate acts of pure desperation.  We pray also for those who love them; those now...

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Cursing the Darkness is Not Sufficient

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Msgr. Sullivan Addresses Interfaith Audience

Over a typical Dominican breakfast of yucca, salami and cheese and a special mashed plantain mangu, Catholic Charities Executive Director Msgr. Kevin Sullivan served as guest speaker at the Spring Interfaith...

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Top 10 New York Summer 2018 Volunteer Opportunities

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Unique, Fulfilling and Tailored Just for You


Looking for the best volunteer opportunities in New York this summer?

You name it; we’ve got it. 

Check out these unique –and fulfilling - ways to stretch and share...

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Free and Low-Cost Services for Families in Crisis

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Catholic Charities Is Here to Help

Clearly alcoholism, addiction, domestic violence and mental health debilitate and isolate those who suffer from them.  Less discussed but at least as tragic is the toll this takes on entire families.  

We are...

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Outracing Grief through the 2018 NYC Marathon

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Team Catholic Charities NY Member Sam Salgado-Hernandez Shares His Inspiration

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Huge Shout Out to TIAA Volunteers

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TIAA Celebrate Centennial by Donating School Kits to Children Served by Catholic Charities NY

Huge thanks to TIAA for celebrating the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association in...

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Best NYC Family-Friendly Summer Festival

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Check Out the South Bronx Culture Trail Festival 2018

Looking for a fun way to celebrate this weekend with your family?  Always wanted to check out the Bronx?

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1 A.M: Riding the 6 Train with the Homeless

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Riding the Rails with Msgr. Sullivan

By Fanny Gomez

Catholic Charities Social Media Specialist

If you’re like me and take the E train to work, you’ve noticed the continuous amount of homeless people on it. That’s because the E train...

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Tags: Kevin Sullivan rides 6 train with homeless, Holy Rosary Stabilization Bed Program, Bowery Residents Committee, Department of Homeless Services

When Courage & Resilience Are Not Enough

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How You Can Make a Difference

As one of our loyal Catholic Charities blog readers, you are well aware that many of our New York neighbors are in dire need. That’s why I’m writing to remind you to join Catholic Charities’ 2018 ANNUAL FUND...

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Wishing You and Your Family a Wonderful Memorial Day

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From Catholic Charities

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