Immigrants And Refugees

NYN Media: Migrant mothers and their kids, facing challenges alone, look to nonprofits for help

Catholic Charities NY was recently featured in NYN Media for their dedicated support to migrant mothers and children facing challenges alone. As over 100,000 asylum-seekers seek safety and a better life in New York City, nonprofits like Catholic Charities have stepped in to provide essential assistance. Luisa Sandoval, a case manager at Catholic Charities, highlighted the struggles faced by migrant mothers, particularly with childcare and employment limitations. Solanch Humanan, a 20-year-old mother from Peru, shared her concerns about food insecurity and joblessness after escaping violence in her home country.

“I feel a bit stressed and worried because I don’t have a job,” the 20-year-old mother from Peru said in her native Spanish. “One challenge is the lack of food. At the shelter I receive food, but sometimes I cannot get any food, maybe because I am late. Because anything can happen, and I cannot find food in the shelter. So I have to seek food around and it’s hard.”

Catholic Charities offers vital resources such as guidance on applying for asylum and work permits, along with practical support like reduced fare MetroCards. Additionally, nonprofits like Little Shop of Kindness provide pregnancy and postpartum clothing, hygiene products, diapers, strollers, and car seats to migrant mothers. These organizations aim to offer not just material aid but also emotional support through open dialogue and access to medical care. The collaborative efforts of these nonprofits underscore the importance of community solidarity in assisting vulnerable migrant populations seeking refuge and stability in the United States.