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Immigrants and Refugees

Spotlight on Mother Cabrini’s Legacy

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Mother Cabrini. Credit: Wikicommons

During Women’s History Month and the recent commemoration of International Women’s Day, the profound impact of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini’s life (1850-1917) resonates deeply, mirroring the values upheld by Catholic Charities of New York. In the bustling streets of New York City, where Mother Cabrini dedicated herself to serving immigrants and children, her spirit lives on as a symbol of compassion, courage, and empowerment.

Mother Cabrini’s life was marked by challenges and triumphs, beginning with her humble origins near Milan to her transformative journey to New York City in 1889. Despite facing initial obstacles and rejection, Mother Cabrini’s determination and unwavering faith propelled her forward on a divine path of service and love. Through 23 trans-Atlantic crossings and the establishment of 67 institutions, including schools, hospitals, and orphanages, Mother Cabrini’s work touched the lives of many and earned her canonization as a saint in 1946. Today, as we reflect on Mother Cabrini’s enduring legacy, her cherished words resonate: “I can do all things in Him who strengthens me,” serving as a testament to the resilience and faith that guided her mission.

Mother Cabrini’s attributes and legacy include:

  • Compassion and Service: Mother Cabrini dedicated her life to helping the poor, sick, and immigrants, demonstrating a deep sense of compassion and service toward those in need.
  • Courage and Determination: Known for her determination and grit, Mother Cabrini fearlessly pursued her mission to assist immigrants and children, demonstrating remarkable courage.
  • Faith and Belief: Mother Cabrini’s unwavering faith fueled her work in helping others, underscoring the importance of faith in driving positive change and inspiring others.
  • Advocacy and Empowerment for Marginalized Groups: Mother Cabrini’s advocacy for immigrants and children reflects a commitment to standing up for marginalized groups and advocating for their rights, echoing the spirit of advocacy celebrated on International Women’s Day.
  • Inspiration: Mother Cabrini continues to inspire people from various backgrounds through her selfless acts of kindness and dedication to serving others, serving as a beacon of inspiration for women worldwide on International Women’s Day.

At Catholic Charities of New York, we are inspired by Mother Cabrini’s unwavering commitment to helping the immigrant, the poor, and those in need. Like her, we strive to create hope and support vulnerable communities nationwide. Our work echoes Mother Cabrini’s legacy by offering a helping hand to those facing adversity and fostering a sense of belonging and dignity for all.

The recent premiere of CABRINI, the new movie about Mother Cabrini’s life, on International Women’s Day is a poignant reminder of her tireless advocacy for marginalized groups. In Washington Heights, New York, she established a school with a chapel (1899) that later became a shrine (1959) after her beatification. It now houses her body. It is a beacon of hope and healing and reflects our shared mission at Catholic Charities to uplift those in need and build a more compassionate society.

As we celebrate the remarkable life and work of Saint Mother Cabrini this Women’s History Month and especially on International Women’s Day, let us unite in solidarity to honor her memory by supporting Catholic Charities of New York. Join us in carrying forward Mother Cabrini’s spirit of service and love, ensuring that her legacy remains alive in the hearts of those we serve. Please consider a donation today to help us continue supporting immigrants, providing for people experiencing poverty, and creating hope for those facing challenges in our community.