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Supporting Families in Crisis

Families in crisis often feel helpless, and don’t know where to turn for guidance and support. Our experts advocate for families in need of services, and provides accurate and timely information and referrals to help individuals and families plan long-term solutions through counseling and financial assistance.



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Our Programs and Services

When challenges like job loss and caring for an elderly family member pile up, it can be overwhelming when systems that are supposed to help bog you down in red tape instead. Our knowledgeable professionals provide compassionate case management services, working with the individual or family to assess the challenges faced, devising a plan to address them, and support to help cut through the red tape and get you the help you need.

In times of financial stress, our case managers can connect you with knowledgeable guidance and assistance to stabilize your family’s finances. We work with you to create a budget, set realistic financial goals, and provide financial literacy classes to empower you with the know-how you need to improve your financial situation.

We are living in challenging times and mental health challenges, marital and child-rearing conflicts , caring for the elderly, and losing a loved one can make it hard to cope. Our individual, couples, and family counseling services are here to support you through life’s adversities.

Our maternity services representatives reaches out with compassion to women who are pregnant or have infants and offer guidance with the resources necessary to start strong, healthy families.

We provide support to pregnant women with their decision to raise a child or plan for adoption. Our residential programs offer young mothers safe, nurturing homes. We also offer a comprehensive range of support services to assist throughout pregnancy and after the baby is born. For those who choose adoption, we provide support throughout all aspects of this process.

We help job seekers develop concrete skills with employment training and placement programs that help develop the experience and confidence needed to hold a job and maintain independence. If language is a barrier, we offer English classes to assist with TASC (formerly GED) exams. 

When disaster strikes, our professional staff and volunteers are prepared to help to those in need by:  

  • Collecting and delivering food and supplies
  • Distributing information about recovery
  • Strategizing with victims about how to meet long-term needs
  • Connecting the community with resources to rebuild
  • Accessing financial relief
  • Advocating for victims with service providers

Our partners include the New York State Division of Homeland Security, the New York City Office of Emergency Management, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and other multiple partner agencies.


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People need to know they are cared for and that there is hope for each day to be better than the one before.