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Free legal services for low-income, vulnerable immigrants multiplied dramatically thanks to a groundbreaking initiative. This cutting-edge statewide program launched by Catholic Charities NY and the Liberty Defense Project pairs volunteers with technology, expanding help to more New Yorkers.

The Clock is Ticking for No-Cost 3-K and Pre-K for NYC Children

Sign up now for application help for FREE Pre-K programs for 3-4-year olds regardless of immigration status. Applications for the upcoming school year are open now. Catholic Charities New York and LSA Family Health Services are here to help navigate the process.

Award-Winning Catholic Charities Nun: 'What I do is no Different than What you do’

Sister Norma Pimentel, MJ, honored and thanked by Pope Francis for her work with children and immigrants during a virtual town hall that aired on ABC’s “20/20,” was recently honored in Washington, DC for her work with immigrant families at the border.

Check Out Our Top 6 Volunteer Opportunities to Help Immigrants in New York

Looking to lend a hand helping others? The team at Catholic Charities New York has 6 volunteer opportunities for your February.

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JustLove™ By Monsignor Kevin Sullivan

Encouraging Healthy Marriages and the Real History Behind Saint Valentine

On this week’s episode of Just Love and to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan talks about healthy marriages and the history of St. Valentine. Robyn Cenizal shares some tips on what makes marriages healthy, some core skills on what both partners need to make marriages healthy, and some advice for dating couples on what they can do to make their future marriage a healthy and supportive one. Dr. Jennifer Paxton shares with us the history of Saint Valentine and the real history behind the holiday that bears his name.

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New Warm Coats: A Valentine’s Day Gift to New York’s Neediest

JaffaCares Teams with Catholic Charities to Provide Coats

Nearly 100 impoverished men and women we serve at Catholic Charities NY received the early Valentine last week they wanted most,...

Ladies of Charity Explore Estate Planning

Check Out These Simple Steps Everyone Can Follow

Snacking on salmon tea sandwiches and freshly baked cookies, 40 women, nearly all Ladies of Charity members whose motto is “making a...

Donate Your Car to Catholic Charities NY

Great Tax Deduction Tip!

Donate your car in New York to Catholic Charities and receive a valuable tax deduction!

It’s a win-win for everybody!

YOU benefit by being able to...

Top 6 Volunteer Opportunities to Help Immigrants in New York

You Have Time to Give?  We Have Options!

As a premier provider of immigrant services in New York, Catholic Charities offers the best volunteer opportunities tailored just for you.


No-Cost Preschool Assistance for Immigrant Children

Sign up and receive application help for FREE Pre-K programs for children ages three to four regardless of immigration status.  Applications for the upcoming school year are open now!...

Unpaid Non-Profits; NYC’s Version of Unpaid Government Contracts

“NYC: Tough Place to Do Business When You’re Doing Business with City Itself”

Comptroller Stringer & Msgr. Kevin Sullivan. Photo courtesy Susan Watts/Office of New York City...

Groundbreaking “Pro Bono Project” Increases Legal Services for Immigrants

How This New Site & Our Volunteers Can Make a Difference

Free legal services for low-income, vulnerable immigrants multiplied dramatically thanks to a groundbreaking initiative,...

Islands of Desolation: HOPE Homeless Count 2019

 “I’m Still Thinking of Them Now & What They’re Doing Tonight”

Just before midnight on Tuesday, January 29th and stretching into the chilly early morning hours of January 30th,...

Feed Hungry New Yorkers at ShopRite’s Checkout

But Time Is Running Out

For this week only, thanks to ShopRite Supermarket’s special partnership with Catholic Charities NY, we have the easiest, best and most effective way to help feed...

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