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Catholic Charities helps solve the problems of New Yorkers in need, non-Catholics and Catholic alike. The neglected child, the homeless family, the immigrant and refugee, the person with special needs, and the hungry senior are among those for whom we provide help and create hope – with compassion and respect.

You say you bleed red, white and blue and are as American as can be? Try to answer these citizenship questions, without Google, Siri, or Echo assistance: Who was President during World War I? How many amendments are in the constitution? Why does the flag have 13 stripes? Who is...
The Bible may be a bestseller, but for many, it remains on the shelf, nice for ornamentation, yet rarely opened. Not difficult to see why: It’s intimidating, from the lists of begats, to the kosher dietary laws, to St. Paul’s epistles which can sound wrapped in ancient philosophical concepts foreign...
Executive Director Monsignor Kevin Sullivan shares a video message from a Caritas site in Krakow, Poland, on why Catholic Charites of New York was in the region with Cardinal Dolan talking to Ukrainian Refugees and aid workers.  Monsignor Kevin Sullivan traveled to Poland last week to witness relief efforts by Catholic...


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  • Catholic Charities Round Table May 14, 2022
    Today we gather three representatives of various Catholic Charities agencies across the country for a “round table” to discuss the ongoing financial calamity of rising inflation across all sectors of the economy, and its impact on those that Catholic Charities aims to serve. We are then joined by Prof. John M. Owen IV, Ph.D., to […]

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Aleth Felix Tchicaya: Building a home and a dream
I helped the homeless, and then I lost my home. But this is a plan of God. I have faith that everything will be okay, and Madeline believes in me.