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Catholic Charities helps solve the problems of New Yorkers in need, non-Catholics and Catholic alike. The neglected child, the homeless family, the immigrant and refugee, the person with special needs, and the hungry senior are among those for whom we provide help and create hope – with compassion and respect.

Then a cloud came,casting a shadow over them;then from the cloud came a voice,“This is my beloved Son.  Listen to him.”Mark 9:7 On the second Sunday of Lent, we move from Jesus’ 40-day retreat in the desert to the mountains for his Transfiguration. Jesus took three of his apostles — Peter, James, and John...
This year on February 29th, we are celebrating the rare and wonderful occurrence of Leap Year! This extra day is a precious gift – an additional opportunity to hope, love, dream, and be with family. At Catholic Charities of New York, we believe in making every moment...
In honor of Black History Month, we remember the Venerable Pierre Toussaint — the founder of Catholic Charities of New York — whose legacy lives on today in our work of providing help and creating hope for New Yorkers in need. Venerable Pierre Toussaint (1766-1853) was born a slave in Haiti and died a freeman in...
At once the Spirit drove him out into the desert,and he remained in the desert for forty days,tempted by Satan. He was among wild beasts,and the angels ministered to him.Mark 1:12-15 On the first Sunday of Lent, the Gospel brings us to the desert. Here, Jesus spent forty days and forty nights fasting. Following his...


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  • Dedication of the Dorothy Day Center and the Life Legacies of Dorothy Day and Malcolm X February 24, 2024
    This week on JustLove, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan is joined by Prof. Kevin Ahern, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Religious Studies & Co-Chair of the Dorothy Day Guild & Director of the Dorothy Day Center at Manhattan College. He talks about the Dedication of the Dorothy Day Center for the Promotion of Social Catholicism at Manhattan College […]

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Aleth Felix Tchicaya: Building a home and a dream
I helped the homeless, and then I lost my home. But this is a plan of God. I have faith that everything will be okay, and Madeline believes in me.