Catholic Charities NY in Arizona

Part two: Catholic Charites of New York deployed a team of staff volunteers to help one of our sister agencies, Catholic Community Services, at the former Benedictine monastery in Tucson, AZ. The need is both great and varied as the local Catholic Charities agencies are inundated with migrant travelers. Our CCNY volunteers are sharing their eyewitness stories.  

New Study Backs Emergency Lifesaving Treatment for Drug Overdose

Study finds 34% drop in death rate for opioid users with Naloxone. Catholic Charities of New York, a leader in confronting the opioid crisis in New York State, offers services and access to treatment programs and Naloxone (narcan) training programs. Approximately 1,500 people have been trained by Catholic Charities to administer narcan in the event of an overdose.

Archdiocese News Examines Immigration with Monsignor Sullivan, Catholic Charities New York

Catholic New York, the Archdiocesan newspaper, recently reported on the Catholic Charities led mission trip to the Northern Triangle of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. What makes the delegation a much greater resource for their colleagues and others, Msgr. Sullivan said, is the diversity of people they met.

Census Immigration Question Accuracy Risks Billions of Corporate Dollars, May Impact Services

“Is this person a citizen of the United States?” As the 2020 US Census approaches, concerns surrounding this question are being voiced all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States. Dubbed the ‘citizenship question,’ business leaders fear that its inclusion will impact the corporate bottom line and skew decision-making metrics.

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JustLove™ By Monsignor Kevin Sullivan

Xavier Society for the Blind and Assisting South Asian Immigrant Women

On this week’s episode of Just Love, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan speaks with Malachy Fallon, Executive Director of Xavier Society for the Blind, about how the group enables the blind and visually impaired to learn, develop and practice their Catholic faith. He then talks to Diya Basu-Sen, Executive Director of SAPNA NYC, an emerging non-profit serving the South Asian immigrant community in the Bronx.

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Labeled “Juvenile Delinquents” by the Courts, Initiative Reverses Trauma

Reduces Recidivism; Helps Children Thrive.

By Alice Kenny

At Catholic Charities NY, we always remember that children are children, regardless of where they come from or what they...

Former Santa Elf Faces Homelessness

Catholic Charities NY Steps In


For years Lisa, a former elf in Macy’s Santa Land; in an earlier life a person-sized Bubba Gump shrimp barking “come on guys and try our food”, and,...

Moving from Trauma to Firm Ground

Catholic Charities NY Celebrates Terra Firma & Its Support for Immigrant Youth

Terra Firma, a project of Catholic Charities New York, The Children's Health Fund, and The Children's...

Reflections from the Border Part 2: Catholic Charities NY in Arizona

Children Become Hope

The Department of Homeland Security is releasing thousands of detainees at the southern border to relieve overcrowding, overwhelming Catholic Charities agencies that...

What’s New in the 2020 Census

And How What’s New Affects You

By Alice Kenny

The U.S. Census count, a once-in-a decade nationwide event – along with changes planned for it - can have a huge impact on you.


On the Frontlines and in the Field

Kelly Agnew Barajas Shares Her Firsthand Witness to the Growing Refugee Crisis

Kelly Agnew Barajas, our director of refugee resettlement at Catholic Charities NY, recently spoke about her...

Westchester County Wage Theft Trial Makes History

First Case to Appear in Federal Court Wins Maximum Amount

By Teresa Santiago and Alice Kenny

In a history-making event, justice finally came to three day laborers whose wages had...

Free Medical and Dental Screenings, Mammograms and More

Catch the Wellness Wave with Catholic Charities NY!

By Alice Kenny

Looking for free medical screenings, mammograms, blood pressure checks – even martial arts! – and more?  “Catch the...

Reflections from the Border: Catholic Charities New York in Arizona

Photo: Catholic Charities of New York, Tuscon, AZ

The Department of Homeland Security is releasing thousands of detainees at the southern border to relieve overcrowding, overwhelming...

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