Immigrants And Refugees

The New York Times Communities Fund

Join us in building on our 112-Year Legacy of creating a Better New York

Catholic Charities New York is proud to be the oldest beneficiary of the New York Times Communities Fund (formerly The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund). For over a century, our partnership has enabled us to address and solve critical problems facing New Yorkers in need.

This year’s campaign goal is to raise $1M to support two critical areas of need. The first $750,000 will fight the homelessness crisis in New York City, helping more families transition out of the shelter system and into affordable housing. Additional donations will support legal representation and assistance for immigrants and refugees.



Families prevented from becoming homeless


Individuals in affordable housing


Families counseled and protection from exploitation


Immigration Helpline calls answered


Immigrants welcomed and served

Over a Century of Impact Together

Since 1911, the partnership between Catholic Charities and The New York Times has raised millions of dollars to deliver critical human services to the neglected child, the homeless family, the immigrant and refugee, the person with special needs, and the hungry senior, always with compassion and respect. We have driven transformative change across New York and advocated for a more just and compassionate society that reflects our shared core values.

“The success of this campaign is critical to our efforts and will enable us to expand our impact and to meet the current and emerging needs of Catholics and non-Catholics alike who require our assistance to live in greater dignity.” -Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, Executive Director 

Addressing the Affordable Housing Crisis

Catholic Charities is a pioneer and leader in building scalable and replicable solutions to the affordable housing and homeless crisis. For 50 years, we have built, sustained and upgraded affordable apartments for low-income individuals and families including formerly homeless, mentally ill, refugees and seniors with holistic wraparound services embedded on site to help them thrive and prevent homelessness. With your help, the first $750,000 raised will fund much-needed resources at one of our many housing sites for 375 individuals and families, like those in this video. 

$2,000 will provide assistance for one family to access educational and social services for a full year as they stabilize in their community. These critical services have a significant impact on our fight to provide safe and sustainable housing for New Yorkers in need. Our Housing program turns away thousands each year because we do not have enough resources.

Immigration & Refugee Support

Catholic Charities is a leader in providing a humanitarian response to immigrants and refugees from all over the world escaping war, famine, political unrest, climate change and poverty. 

Help us reach our goal of $250,000 which will allow us to scale our current Immigration programs and have a measurable impact for thousands of individuals and families with legal representation, support through day labor worker centers, finding employment and assistance to documented and undocumented immigrants, refugees and newcomers of all nationalities, ethnicities and religions. We are proud to be part of a welcoming New York.

Your Investment Will Change Lives

In the heart of a compassionate and welcoming city that never sleeps, Catholic Charities stands as a beacon of hope for our fellow New Yorkers in need.  We are proud to be a trusted partner of The New York Times for more than 112 years and to be a part of The New York Times Communities Fund.  With additional financial resources, we will be able to expand our impact and continue to meet the current and emerging needs of Catholics and non-Catholics alike who require our assistance to live in greater dignity.

  • Providing Emergency Shelter
  • Preventing Eviction
  • Sustaining and Building Permanent Affordable Housing
  • Housing Support Services
  • Finding Temporary and Transitional Residences
  • Accessing Legal Help
  • Help for Refugees, Asylums, and Victims of Trafficking
  • Refugee Resettlement Assistance
  • Reuniting Families
  • Supporting Immigrant Workers
  • Obtaining Permission to Work in the U.S.
  • Job Opportunities for Day Laborers

Helping Build a Better New York For All