Cardinal Dolan Clashes with Donald Trump

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By Timothy Cardinal Dolan
Archbishop of New York

During those happy days decades ago when I taught...

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Eric Garner: A Death That Sparked A Movement

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Photo Credit: Mary DiBiase Blaich, Catholic New York

Esaw Garner sobbed at the interfaith prayer service...

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The Famous Join Us to Welcome Pope Francis and You Can Too!

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Hillary Rodham Clinton, Stephen Colbert, Whoopi Goldberg, Harry Belefonti – even players for the New York Yankees, Giants and Islanders – are already adding their voices to the new website we just launched to welcome Pope Francis...

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Volunteers + Painting Blitz = Lives Changed

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  They worked together to transform the hallways, kitchen and dining area of our Beacon Of Hope House in Staten Island, a residential facility that assists people with psychiatric disabilities.

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You Can Share a Special Message with Pope Francis

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Introducing Charity Has No Boundaries 

To commemorate Pope Francis’ visit to the United States, Catholic Charities is providing a platform for everyone to welcome him and share a message of charity. We invite you to click on the link...

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Asset Manager by Day, Marathon Runner by Night

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James Intermont is one busy guy.  He works days as an alternative asset manager for Ares Management, lending money to companies so they can make loans to small...

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Newer, Better, Now!

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We're excited to unveil our new digital logo! What’s so important about a logo? Well, it’s a symbol of who we are. And it’s a symbol of how we respond to changing, increased need.

So over the next few days, we'll be launching...

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A Special NYC Stop by Pope Francis

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Pope Francis plans to make a special stop on his historic visit to New York City; a meeting with immigrants served by...

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Cardinal Dolan Reveals Inside Scoop for Pope Francis' NYC Visit

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What does Pope Francis want to visit during his Sept. 24-25 whirlwind touchdown in New York? Who does he want to meet? How can we get a glimpse of him?...

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Free Skilled Labor

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guild anthony

Anthony Severo, Employment Coordinator for Catholic Charities Guild for the Blind and a member of the Brooklyn Chamber’s Ambassador Committee, wrote in...

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An Insider’s Take on Training for the NYC Marathon

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Our Team Catholic Charities NY  Marathon runners train for months. They rise when the rest of us are sound asleep. And they jog through snow, sun and sweat.

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Clues on What to Expect During Pope Francis’ Visit to NYC

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Pope From Rome

 AFP photo / Vincenzo Pintovincenzo Pinto/AFP/Getty Images

During one of the Pope Francis’ off-the-cuff, on-the-plane...

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The Number One Skill for Immigrant’s Success: English

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intlcntrclassPracticing English at Catholic Charities International Center

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The Inside Scoop From Former Immigrant Teen

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Catholic Charities’ own Migration Counselor Elvis Garcia Callejas was invited with a group of immigrants and refugees to participate in the national 2015 Migrant and Refugee Leadership Academy held last month in Baltimore and Washington D.C....

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Civics 101

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By Yvonne Marcotte

Epoch Times

“If you were asked, “What is the ‘rule of law’?” you might respond with a blank stare,” writes Yvonne Marcotte in the international Epoch Times.

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