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Catholic Guardian Services

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Adoption Services /
Caregiver Respite /
Foster Care & Group Homes /
Emergency Shelters /
Job Readiness & Placement /
Maternity Services /
Preventive Services /
Residences for Special Needs /
Obtaining Work Authorization & Finding Jobs /
Resettling Refugees

Established in 2006, Catholic Guardian Services represents the fusion of two Catholic charitable organizations, Catholic Guardian Society and Catholic Home Bureau. They combined to increase their breadth of services while avoiding duplication. And they have stood at the forefront in caring for children in need, non- Catholic and Catholic alike, for more than 100 years. The Catholic Home Bureau, founded by members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society including Rev. Samuel Ludlow in 1898, was the first Catholic foster home agency established in the United States. Then, in 1908, after seeing children discharged from orphanages and returned home to the same deplorable conditions from which they fled, they established the Catholic Guardian Society to provide children in need with casework services in their homes.

Sponsored by the Catholic Charities Alliance, Catholic Guardian Services offers a broad array of community-based programs. These include preventive services, foster care, maternity services and residential living for the developmentally disabled.

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If you are seeking help, contact us by calling the Catholic Charities Help Line: 888-744-7900 or email us through our contact form.

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