Immigrants And Refugees
Public Statement

Catholic Charities New York Applauds Biden Administration’s Action on Temporary Protected Status for Asylum Seekers

Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, Executive Director of Catholic Charities New York. Photo: Catholic Charities New York

Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, Executive Director, issues a statement on the recent work authorization for thousands of asylum seekers.

Catholic Charities of New York applauds the action of the Biden administration to provide the opportunity for hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers to apply for Temporary Protected Status and work authorization as they await the adjudication of their status. This action meets the needs of the individual asylum seekers and will strengthen the economy of our region and nation allowing them to reach their full potential. We particularly welcome this news, as our interactions and direct assistance to the tens of thousands who’ve recently arrived into the New York area prove that work and self-sufficiency are their highest priority. As important as this action is, it is but one step to deal with the ongoing surge of migrants nationwide and in New York. The global crisis of over 100 million refugees and displaced persons will continue to impact the United States. An effective response, partial or comprehensive, will require the partnership of all levels of government, in addition to respectful dialogue by those with different perspectives that often are in tension.

Catholic Charities remains committed to assisting newcomers to New York with a range of legal, social and resettlement services to the fullest extent our resources permit. We are proud to be at the center of a caring and welcoming New York.

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