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Can You Fit a School in a Single Bag? Yes, You Can

At the Kennedy Children’s Center in Harlem, they take education very seriously. They also take safety very seriously. So, the kids will not be able to attend Summer classes at Kennedy Children’s Center (KCC). But that doesn’t mean KCC is not just as committed to making sure kids get the best education possible.

Remote education has become the method-of-the-day for delivering schooling while the pandemic keeps kids out of school. Well, ask any parent and they’ll tell you that while they are all for keeping their kids and their families safe, remote education is no walk in the park. Add to that the specialized educational needs of children with disabilities and you’ve got a real challenge on your hands. The staff at Kennedy know all of that, so they came up with a way to help kids AND their parents.


Yes, that’s right, KCC has figured out how to get some of the most important elements of in-person schooling into each student’s home, with School In A Bag. Now families will have access to art supplies, pencils and other equipment they are going to need to have a productive remote education this Summer.

That’s how committed Catholic Charities and its agencies are to making sure families have the support they need during difficult time.

If you need to contact Kennedy Children’s Center you can do so either at (212) 988 – 9500 or by emailing