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Catholic Charities of New York is going mobile to help deliver services for New Yorkers—non- Catholics and Catholics alike—on four critical areas of need:


Help with housing

Tap into a network dedicated to helping homeless families and individuals. We support those being forced out by landlords and skyrocketing rents, preserve affordable housing, and provide transitional housing to help rebuild lives  »Learn more

Help with food

Our community and parish-based food programs provide more than 6.5 mil meals to impoverished New Yorkers. Get access to resources for people to never go hungry again. »Learn more 

Help with immigration

Help immigrants and refugees legally reunite with their families and loved ones, obtain official paperwork, and more. We strive for immigration status transparency by providing correct information and direction to resources.  »Learn more 

Help with substance abuse & recovery

Access a network of specialized services that provide care for the most abused and neglected New Yorkers: those with developmental disabilities, afflicted with mental illness, dealing with alcohol and substance abuse, and more. »Learn more 


Need Other Help?

We provide a range of programs and services to assist the poor and vulnerable in New York City and communities in the Hudson Valley.

Catholic Charities Help Line:


Dial 311 For Help in NYC
Dial 211 For Help in NY
Call 911 for Emergencies

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