Supporting Immigrant Workers

Catholic Charities Fact-Finding Mission Touches Down in Northern Triangle

Meets Migrants & Officials in Front Lines of Refugee Crisis

Touching down in Honduras’ Toncontin Airport in the heart of Central America’s Northern Triangle, Catholic Charities Executive Director...

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Catholic Charities Leads Fact-Finding Trip to Northern Triangle

Explores Ways to Help Growing Numbers of Fleeing Children

Anticipating a jump from approximately 3,000 children fleeing Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador and seeking help from Catholic Charities NY...

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Catholic Charities Advocates for Worker Rights

Day Laborer Meeting Addresses the Current Anti-Immigrant Climate

More than 100 day laborer and immigrant workers from across the five boroughs joined New York City officials and local...

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Workers Rights: Top 3 Things You Need to Know

Convening Offers Key Strategies to Improve Immigrant Workplace Conditions

Men stiffed by their bosses after working 12 hours in sun, snow and rain.  Women paid subminimum wage for scrubbing toilets...

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Attacked by Zealots in India, Catholic Family Finds Safety in NYC

Learn More about Them Here and in The New York Times

A fractured collarbone. Spinal fractures. Head wounds.

Antony Fernandez, his wife and daughter suffered devastating injuries six...

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Check Out This New Link to Services New Yorkers Need

Thanks to New Catholic Charities Community Services Website

As 2018 races to a close, it’s time to look back at all we accomplished together and forward at all we...

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Best Way to Help Immigrants in Rockland County

Volunteer at Our Community Legal Clinic 

Feeling helpless hearing about traumatized immigrants struggling to navigate our U.S. legal system? 


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All Inclusive Immigration & Refugee Services!

At Catholic Charities, You Name It; We’ve Got It

When it comes to free and low-cost services for immigrants and refugees, you name it; we’ve got it here at Catholic Charities NY.  Our comprehensive...

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Eyewitness to Injustice at the Texas Border

These Families Are Our Families

Fr. Eric Cruz joined a small contingent of priests and Catholic Charities representatives on a pilgrimage this past weekend to the Texas border to visit a fellow...

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