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Space available as bilingual therapeutic preschools open for enrollment at Saint Dominic’s in The Bronx

Children at St. Dominic's Preschool Program. Credit: St. Dominic's Family Services

Have you heard of Saint Dominic’s Family Services? They are a nonprofit organization that provides education and empowerment to children, adults, and entire families who are facing challenges in their community. Saint Dominic’s enables those they serve to reach their potential and live independent, stable and fulfilling lives. They are also part of the Catholic Charities of New York Federation of Agencies.

There is currently an opportunity for children 2.7 – 5 years of age to sign up for the 100% free Summer or Fall bilingual special education preschools in the Bronx – TORCH and TORCH ANNEX.


The TORCH schools are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and provides a variety of services based on the individual needs of the child: full day sessions, integrated classes with non-disabled children, related services including speech, counseling and occupational therapy, six-week summer programs, free transportation for eligible children (from NYC), breakfast, lunch, fieldtrips and parent workshops.

The TORCH school is located at 2340 Andrews Avenue, Bronx NY 10468

The TORCH ANNEX is located on 2195 Valentine Avenue, Bronx NY 10457


To register for the bilingual special-education preschools, pleae call 917-716-8228 or email St. Dominic’s Family Services for additional information.

Saint Dominic’s Family Services are built on a foundation of family, compassion, dignity, potential, hope and trust. They respect the rights of all service recipients by promoting privacy, transparency, mutual respect, personal dignity, and confidentiality in service delivery. These principles are the cornerstone of the services provided and are evident throughout all programs.