Immigrants And Refugees
Public Statement

Solidarity and Commitment to Action

Photo by Rafaelina Tineo

The heartless killing of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis has impacted communities across the nation and in New York. Catholic Charities joins in denouncing it.  Killing, violence, racism and hate are unacceptable – by law enforcement officers, community members, elected officials – by any of us.  Peaceful protests are legitimate, and frequently necessary. Violence, destruction and looting, even by a few, are not.  This incident, tragically, is not isolated.  Neither is it disconnected from the inequality, lack of opportunity and exclusion in communities of color.  Catholic Charities re-affirms our solidarity and commits with greater urgency to address these realities of inequality and lack of opportunity.  This is rooted in our fundamental belief in the dignity of each person as made in the image of God.  We realistically admit to not knowing all the answers, and so we will seek to engage both internally and externally those with whom we might learn and partner to create hope for current and future generations.