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Catholic Renewal Brings Much Needed Relief To The Bronx Terminal Market

Catholic Renewal at The Bronx Terminal. // Photo: Catholic Charities New York

Catholic Renewal, a group of professionals committed to building a network that provides charitable assistance to those in need, distributed produce, dry goods, hand sanitizers, and milk.

On April 30th, Catholic Renewal held its first dedicated pop-up pantry event in the Bronx Terminal Market. Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of New York, was there, as were Bill Anderson, Catholic Charities Trustee and Senior Managing Editor of Evercore, and Patrick Hoban, Chair of the Young Catholic Renewal and Director of AlixPartners. There were also about 500 guests invited – individual and family residents of the Bronx neighborhood.  

On that cool, sunny day, each person was given a box of nutritious food and a box of produce. Feeding the hungry is one of Catholic Charities of New York’s primary missions. In fact, during the COVID pandemic in New York, Catholic Charities of New York distributed over 8 million meals to New Yorkers.


Catholic Renewal is a group of professionals in the corporate-restructuring industry committed to providing assistance to those in need. The Young Catholic Renewal is comprised of restructuring-professionals ages 40 and under, who periodically meet for service and networking events. 

The April 30th Bronx Terminal Market event was the first dedicated Catholic Renewal Pop-Up Pantry, and it celebrated Catholic Renewal’s tenth year. It also celebrated the $8+ million dollars they’ve raised towards the Feeding Our Neighbors program over that time.

Catholic Renewal’s signature event, the St. Francis Reception, will take place on Tuesday, September 21 at the Westchester Country Club. To receive an invitation or learn more about Catholic Renewal, please contact Carolyn Koleszar.

At last year’s St. Francis Reception, two outstanding members of Catholic Renewal, Susheel Kurpalani and Lisa Donahue were honored with the Saint Francis Service Award for their selfless, charitable efforts. Monsignor Kevin Sullivan and Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan were in attendance.