Immigrants And Refugees
Immigrants and Refugees

Working remotely, Catholic Charities continues to serve immigrants. Calls on New Yorkers to include all immigrants in COVID-19 assistance

Catholic Charities remains committed to serving all immigrants in this critical period, and is doing so.  Our helplines and dedicated staff are operating remotely to provide help to the fullest extent possible.  We call on our New York public and private partners to continue our New York tradition of including all immigrants in any Corona relief assistance that will be made available.

We have always been concerned that federal assistance programs have consistently excluded certain immigrant families, workers, and children from many important types of support.  It is not surprising to us — yet still disappointing — that in this unprecedented crisis, the federal government’s $2 trillion CARES Act relief package leaves behind millions of hard-working families, school-children, and taxpaying immigrants who are seeking to adjust their status as legal residents and citizens.  This leaves many immigrants even more vulnerable in this pandemic. As is our mission Catholic Charities will stand with, and help, to the best of our ability, these most vulnerable of our neighbors.

It is more crucial than ever that New York includes all immigrants in any Coronavirus relief and recovery programs. City and state governments have a proud history of providing inclusive assistance and we are confident this will continue during this crisis.  We are confident that New York philanthropic funders will do the same.   

After the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and throughout the Great Recession of 2008 and the devastation of Super Storm Sandy, Catholic Charities has responded to the needs of those hurt and easily forgotten. As we do day in and day out, Catholic Charities is committed to serving the genuine human needs of all immigrants, regardless of religion, origin or status.