Immigrants And Refugees
Darren’s Journey: Covid-19, Emergency Surgery and the Healing Bed Part Two of Two In Part 1 of Darren’s Story, “Darren’s Journey: From Prison and Addiction to a Beacon of Hope” we met Darren Walters, a man whose life began with institutionalization and incarceration in 1970s New York City....
Darren’s Journey: From Prison and Addiction to a Beacon of Hope Part One of Two Darren Walters has experienced a lot during his lifetime. Overcoming institutionalization, prison, lifetime parole, and addiction, he turned his life around with the help of his team at Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese...
New Yorkers with medical issues faced additional burdens in lockdown, balancing protecting their health and staying afloat. Robert Sanchez has spent much of his life waiting for the other shoe to drop. At age 19, he began serving 15 years in prison for drug possession, and afterward, he dedicated himself...