Immigrants And Refugees
Public Statement

Catholic Charities New York Statement on Recent Influx of Asylum Seekers in New York

Catholic Charities is deeply concerned about the current state of policies that have resulted in thousands of asylum seekers being bussed throughout the United States without proper planning.

Over the past weeks, asylum seekers have arrived often hungry, tired, and in need of basic items. In New York, Catholic Charities has responded to this crisis promptly, professionally, and compassionately. Those who have come to our offices and parishes have been provided with emergency assistance, food, basic clothing items, toiletries, as well as critical information on shelter and medical resources. Many have appointments with immigration officials in the upcoming months and our legal services staff is beginning to review their situations.

The current chaotic approach is not in the best interest of those seeking protection from violence and other crises in their own countries, nor the good of our own country. New York must continue to be a welcoming home for those seeking safety for themselves and their families. And we must do so in a way that protects the human dignity of those arriving and the common good of those already here.

Catholic Charities is prepared to work in partnership with the government, and others to advance appropriate policies and programs that do so.

Please consider donating to the Emergency Relief Fund to help supply these asylum seekers with emergency to-go bags, cash cards for transportation and essential items, toiletries, and food.