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Rusty and Mary Ellen McGranahan, married couple run for Catholic Charities New York

Rusty & Mary Ellen McGranahan. Photo: Courtesy of the McGranahan's

Rusty and Mary Ellen McGranahan will be among the 13 participants supporting Catholic Charities who will run in the 2021 TCS New York City Marathon Nov. 7. They will run in support of the St. Nicholas Project, a Catholic Charities of New York Christmas season program that provides over a thousand New York families with warm winter essentials.   

Rusty McGranahan

I have always seen Catholic Charities as providing part of the critical social infrastructure in New York City in an effective way that few organizations can achieve.  I particularly like that funds raised from the marathon go to the St. Nicholas project, where my kids have volunteered to select clothes and other items as gifts for families in need around Christmas time. 

On a personal level, I was proud to run the New York City marathon on behalf of Catholic Charities seven years ago. I had high ambitions for my time that year, and despite gale force headwinds most of the race, finished with one of my better race times.  This year, because of a quirk of math, I happen to be seven years older. I am also certainly not as fit as I was then, which I will not blame on math.  I need the inspiration!  Catholic Charities and I can both use your support!!!

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Mary Ellen McGranahan

I have been blessed to raise three kids in New York City, which comes with a unique share of challenges for parents. The St. Nicholas Project is a vital program that offers support to families in need by providing them with necessities and helping them to find services as they navigate the challenges raising children here. 

I ran my first marathon when my youngest son started kindergarten.  I have since run three more and slightly improved my time each race. My son is now entering his senior year of high school. Training used to be my “me” time, but with my children getting older I have much more of that time and wanted to make this marathon about helping a greater good.

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