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On the Feast of St. Luke, Catholic Charities Thanks Benefactors Who Provide Help and Create Hope for Thousands

Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral celebrated by Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, and Monsignor Joseph LaMorte. Photo Credit: Catholic Charities of New York

On the feast of Saint Luke, Oct. 18, the evangelist known for the Gospel focused on the poor and needy, Catholic Charities benefactors attended Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral celebrated by Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, Executive Director of Catholic Charites New York, and Monsignor Joseph LaMorte, Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia, followed by a reception at the University Club.

“Where there are people who need healing and compassion, Luke tells about them,” said Timothy Cardinal Dolan in his homily. He cited the stories of the Prodigal Son, the healing of widows and lepers, and the example of the good thief at the crucifixion.

That’s what your generosity does, it allows us to say welcome.

That work of healing said the cardinal, “so tenderly shown by Luke the Evangelist continues in Catholic Charities.”

Monsignor Kevin Sullivan Offers a Few Words to CCNY Benefactors. Photo Credit: Catholic Charities of New York

“We need you. We really appreciate what you do,” he told the benefactors as he greeted them in the front pews of the cathedral after the Mass.

At the reception, Msgr. Kevin Sullivan, Executive Director of Catholic Charities, told the group that it was important that they gathered for Mass.

“Our world needs a lot of prayer. There is a lot of darkness and a lot of evil in the world,” he said. “Giving thanks to God in prayer is certainly important.”

But, he said, for Catholic Charities, “prayer is not enough: Deeds matter.”

To the agency’s benefactors, he said, “by your generosity and contribution you reach beyond yourselves to reach our brothers and sisters in the world through Catholic Charities.”

Msgr. Sullivan said that the economic downturn, including a plunge in the stock market and continued inflation, has affected everyone, but has had a particular impact on the people helped by Catholic Charities.

Monsignor Kevin Sullivan. Photo Credit: Catholic Charities of New York

Inflation, including items such as the cost of daycare, has a direct impact on New York’s poor, he said. But the work of Catholic Charities continues in the examples he sees as executive director.

Deeds matter

He noted the examples of those helped, including a man with developmental disabilities, whose parents, his prime caretakers, died more than three decades ago. The man is now in his eighties, cared for by Catholic Charities. On the other slice of the age spectrum, Msgr. Sullivan noted that he was able to see how Catholic Charities is assisting the family of a 24-day-old baby who was born in the process of migrating from Venezuela to New York.

“That’s what your generosity does,” he said. “It allows us to say welcome … You know the good that you do.”

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