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Monsignor Sullivan Welcomes 40-Day Season of Lent

Monsignor Kevin Sullivan speaks at the HOPE Count. Credit: Catholic Charities New York

This annual 40-day season of Lent is most commonly associated with prayer, fasting/sacrifice – and well it should be. This special Christian season provides the opportunity and calls us into a closer relationship with God and the saving work of Jesus. Prayer, fasting/sacrifice are at the heart of Lent.

But there is a third element of Lent – service/charity/almsgiving – that sometimes is less attended to. Service and charity draw us closer to others – each of whom is made in the image of the God to whom we are praying. Service and charity are also at the heart of this holy season.

Catholic Charities embodies this in our mission and work, not merely during Lent, but throughout the year. In addition to the important communal work done through Catholic Charities, there are equally important individual personal acts of charity and service that should be doubled down on during these 40 days of Lent. These complement and connect our prayer and sacrifice.

Lent provides me the opportunity to express gratitude to so many who are motivated by their deep faith in God to sacrifice and care for others who need a helping hand. Whether through charitable donations, personal acts of caring and service, or both – Lent is a grace-filled time to integrate the love of God, neighbor, and self.

May Lent 2023 be a time of God’s abundant blessing upon you.

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