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Migrant Crisis: Monsignor Sullivan Speaks to Errol Lewis on NY1

Monsignor Kevin Sullivan Appears on NY1. Credit: NY1

Supporting Migrants in Need: A Look into Catholic Charities New York’s Mission to Provide Help

Catholic Charities New York’s Executive Director, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, recently appeared on NY1’s Inside City Hall with Errol Louis on February 26th. During the interview, Monsignor Sullivan highlighted the importance of welcoming migrants, aligning with both church and American values. He emphasized the church’s longstanding history of assisting immigrants in New York City. To date, New York City has been actively involved in aiding migrants, assisting more than 200,000 individuals with more than 65,000 still under the city’s care. Since 2022, Catholic Charities New York aided over 6,000 families and individuals.

Watch the full interview with Monsignor Sullivan on Inside City Hall.

During Monsignor Kevin Sullivan’s appearance, he shared a heartwarming story of a migrant woman assisted by Catholic Charities. This individual, who had been working as a busser in a restaurant, seized an opportunity when the bartender quit. With courage and determination, she approached her supervisor and shared her experience as a bartender in her home country. In a remarkable turn of events, the supervisor offered her a chance to work behind the bar, leading to a full-time job opportunity. This inspiring anecdote exemplifies the resilience and potential of migrants supported by Catholic Charities, showcasing how a helping hand can pave the way for success and empowerment in challenging circumstances.

In response to Mayor Eric Adams’ decision to reduce migrant funding by 10%, Monsignor Sullivan discussed Catholic Charities’ direct actions, including welcoming migrants at their doors, providing essential support like food, Metro cards, cash assistance, and guidance to access necessary services like shelter and education. Monsignor Sullivan remarked that Catholic Charities NY, “made sure they [the migrants] got pointed in the right direction so that kids could get into school so that they could get shelter. It’s just that direct human contact, but by professionals who know the system and can help them.”

Monsignor Sullivan addressed the complexity of the migrant crisis, acknowledging the need for a secure border while advocating for a fair immigration system. He emphasized the importance of finding solutions together for the benefit of both immigrants and the nation. “We need to figure out how we can solve this together for the sake of the immigrants who need to come here. And the nation who needs the immigrants also needs to be secure,” Monsignor Sullivan stated.

Monsignor Kevin Sullivan’s appearance on NY1 shed light on Catholic Charities’ ongoing efforts to assist migrants in New York City and their commitment to upholding values of compassion and support for those in need.

To support Catholic Charities in their mission to provide help and create hope for those in need, individuals can contribute by volunteering their time, skills, or resources. Additionally, donations play a crucial role in sustaining our efforts to assist those facing challenges. By giving generously, whether through monetary contributions or in-kind donations, people can make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals seeking assistance from Catholic Charities, fostering a community of compassion and solidarity.