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Embracing the Gift of an Extra Day with Catholic Charities of New York

Catholic Charities Community Services Yonkers Lunch Mother and Son Eating
Mother and son enjoying a warm meal at our Yonkers, New York center. Photo: Catholic Charities NY

This year on February 29th, we are celebrating the rare and wonderful occurrence of Leap Year! This extra day is a precious gift – an additional opportunity to hope, love, dream, and be with family. At Catholic Charities of New York, we believe in making every moment count, and this bonus day is a beautiful reminder to do just that.

As we revel in the joy of this additional day, let’s also take a moment to reflect on the incredible work being done by Catholic Charities. Each year, we provide help and create hope for over 400,000 people in need through our various agencies and services. From food assistance to housing support, we are dedicated to serving our community and making a real difference in the lives of those we help.

This Leap Year, we invite you to make the most of the extra day by considering it as a symbol of an opportunity to start anew and make a difference in your community with Catholic Charities. One way to support our mission is by becoming a volunteer. By offering your time at a food pantry, mentoring a young person, or providing companionship to seniors, you can play a direct role in serving those in need.

Another option would be to support Catholic Charities by providing groceries to families facing hunger, purchasing supplies for after-school programs, or helping an individual with an emergency need. Your contribution can have a profound impact on the lives of those we serve.

To learn more about our volunteer opportunities and the wide range of agencies and services we offer, visit Catholic Charities of New York. Together, let’s make this Leap Year extra special by spreading kindness, reaching out to loved ones, and taking meaningful action to support our community.