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Immigrants and Refugees

Community Transformation: MGM & Empire City Casino Join Catholic Charities for a Day of Service. 

Trustee Ed Domingo (second from left) and volunteers from MGM and Empire City Casino, transforming the community garden. Credit: Catholic Charities New York

In the spirit of Catholic Charities’ commitment to serving the community and fostering meaningful connections, we recently had an exhilarating day at our Yonkers Day Laborer Center. It was a day that demonstrated the power of collaboration and the beauty of unity, as volunteers from MGM and Empire City Casino, alongside our own Team Catholic Charities Trustee Ed Domingo, came together to transform the community garden behind the Day Laborers Center.

On September 26th, ten dedicated employees from MGM and Empire City Casino enthusiastically stepped forward to lend a helping hand at the Day Laborers Center in Yonkers. They were warmly welcomed by Lucia Goyen, Director of the Day Laborers Program, who led the charge in preparing the groundwork for a fence that would encircle the community garden, located behind the center.

Taryn Duffy, the Vice President of Public Affairs for MGM Resorts and our newest CCNY board member, Ed Domingo, were not just content with overseeing the project; they rolled up their sleeves and actively participated in laying the foundation for a beautiful fence around the community garden. Our corporate volunteers, brimming with a desire to make a difference, weeded the garden, dug holes for the fence, and carried heavy bags of cement to the backyard, all while bonding with the Day Laborers and sharing stories of community and shared purpose.

Following a fulfilling morning of service, Lucia Goyen provided a well-deserved lunch where volunteers had the chance to relax, reflect on their shared experiences, and get to know the remarkable individuals of the Day Laborers Program. This was more than just a day of hard work; it was an opportunity to connect with those who contribute significantly to our community.

Our partnership with MGM and Empire City Casino exemplifies our unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on our community. We are more than just colleagues. We are friends and neighbors, united by a common cause – to uplift the community we share. In a beautiful demonstration of shared values, the MGM International Foundation generously donated $15,000 to our Feeding Our Neighbors program, aiding in our mission to combat hunger among New Yorkers in need.

With hearts brimming with gratitude and excitement, we eagerly anticipate the next adventure with our dear friends at MGM Resorts and Trustee Ed Domingo. Together, we can continue to make a lasting impact on our community, fostering friendships, and extending a helping hand to those who need it most. Through unity, we can truly transform lives and create a brighter future for all.