Welcoming & Integrating Immigrants & Refugees

Immigrants, Frightened and Sick, Line Up for Free Health Fair

Catholic Charities NY Teams Up to Save Lives

By Teresa A. Santiago, Catholic Charities NY Hispanic Community Consultant

Recently I had the opportunity to participate on behalf of...

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Catholic Charities Fact-Finding Mission Touches Down in Northern Triangle

Meets Migrants & Officials in Front Lines of Refugee Crisis

Touching down in Honduras’ Toncontin Airport in the heart of Central America’s Northern Triangle, Catholic Charities Executive Director...

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Catholic Charities Heads Delegation to Northern Triangle to Shine Light on Struggle of Thousands

Monsignor Sullivan at Press Conference Announcing Delegation Trip

by John-Mark de Palma

Catholic Charities of the...

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Grand Finale: Served by Catholic Charities & Profiled by The New York Times

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Jordon with his case manager, Stephanie Ali

“It’s amazing what can happen in a year,” write lead New York...

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Catholic Charities Leads Fact-Finding Trip to Northern Triangle

Explores Ways to Help Growing Numbers of Fleeing Children

Anticipating a jump from approximately 3,000 children fleeing Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador and seeking help from Catholic Charities NY...

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Hundreds of Migrants Released by US Customs Need Assistance in Southwest

Photo Credit: Mitch Lensink

by John-Mark de Palma


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2020 Census Efforts Underway: Immigrant Participation is Key

Photo Credit: US Census Bureau

by John-Mark de Palma and Lori Davis 

April 1st, dubbed the, ‘Census 2020 Day of...

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Families Lose More Than 300K in Yonkers Immigration Scam

Photo Credit: Jhon David

by John-Mark de Palma

According to Yonkers Police, Juan Cedillo is accused of setting up an...

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Yonkers P.D. Arrests Scam Artist Who Targeted Immigrants

Immigrants Turned First to Catholic Charities for Help

Accused of scamming more than 40 immigrant families with promises of citizenship, Juan Cedillo, 63, was arrested by Yonkers police thanks, in part...

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