Strengthening Families & Resolving Crises

Catholic Charities Lobbies Albany in the Front Rooms, Face to Face


Battling nearly a foot of snow, Catholic Charities New York...

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Migrant Children: A Four Part Series

By Alice Kenny

Fifteen years old, hungry and alone, Elvis Garcia hitched rides, scrambled atop freight trains and dragged himself through 1,200...

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Human Trafficking: Don’t Look the Other Way

Join us this Sunday, February 8, as we raise awareness to this horror...

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Safety Tips for Today’s Blizzard

As Winter Storm Juno cripples commerce and paralyzes traffic, Catholic Charities urges you to:

  • Stay home
  • Stay in
  • Stay safe
  • And watch out for your neighbors

Catholic Charities echoes the warnings of NY State Gov. Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill...

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Blizzard May Trap Elderly


CAUTION:  Snow’s already falling sideways before Winter Storm Juno -- scheduled to slam New York City by 1 pm and predicted the worst blizzard in the city’s history -- has even started: Catholic Charities is here to help.

Are you a homebound...

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Pope Francis May Visit NYC Soup Kitchens

Breaking news.  Pope Francis, during his trip to New York City confirmed this week and scheduled for September 2015, may...

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Rebuilding Lives After Husband and Provider’s Death


Leukemia took Jean Carlos Ocasio in November, but the...

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Polar Vortex Strikes; Cold Children Get Coats

Catholic Charities coat distribution 
Catholic Charities coat distribution

 Brrr -- It's cold out!...

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Mother Gives Autistic Son Special Party


Every available surface of what, an hour...

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