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Job Opportunities for Day Laborers

Job Opportunities for Day Laborers

In working with day laborer communities of men and women in Westchester and the Bronx, Catholic Charities has seen the immense potential of this population to organize and stand up as selfless and courageous leaders in the face of disaster and be on the front lines of rebuilding and strengthening the New York State economy.



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About the Day Laborer Program

Since 2009, Catholic Charities has been helping men and women to earn a living and become part of their communities through the Obreros Unidos (United Workers) program in Yonkers.

In 2016, the Bronx Day Laborers program launched as a complement to our longstanding programming in Yonkers. Our two regional laborer programs serving the greater New York City area provide critical training opportunities in various areas of construction, trades (e.g., electricity and carpentry) disaster response, and OSHA certification.

We also provide on-the-ground support to advance worker protections by filing wage theft claims, delivering a suite of informational workshops for workers and their families, and bringing frontline participation for statewide campaigns that highlight gaps in safeguards for immigrant workers.

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