Immigrants And Refugees


Our assisted living apartments reflect the essence of New York City. In an era when senior life is too often split between the gated and impersonal, Vista on 5th celebrates bridges between socioeconomic groups, a community of individuals, and attentive care.

Vista on 5th is the place where independence is supported by attentive care, and senior citizens are celebrated through vibrant living. We can do this because of the attention we give to each resident’s voice within a community reflective of the remarkable mosaic that is New York City.

The staff at Vista on 5th listens to residents and provides the support residents need to live like New Yorkers. We offer a beautiful space adjacent to Central Park for seniors to live in the great vital stream that is the city — not just in New York, but as New Yorkers while receiving the care and support they need to remain safe and healthy. At the Center, seniors live the active lives New Yorkers are accustomed to while surrounded by people committed to their safety, well-being, and fulfillment.