Immigrants And Refugees


Lincoln Hall is a nonprofit organization that helps economically disadvantaged youth and their families meet academic, behavioral, and employment challenges. It is committed to preparing teens and young adults to be productive members of society by developing the attitudes, behaviors and skills that will enable them to find jobs and work productively, be good citizens and thrive in their personal lives.

Since 1863, when Lincoln Hall first cared for Civil War orphans and destitute children, it has been welcoming young people whose lives appeared hopeless, and to give them hope, skills, and pathways to success. Lincoln Hall is prepared for today’s challenges with new and innovative educational programs to strengthen and care for at-risk, economically disadvantaged teenagers and young adults. Since its founding, Lincoln Hall has provided a wide range of community-centered services and evidence-based treatment approaches that has helped more than 150,000 young adults learn and grow into contributing members of society.