Immigrants And Refugees


Our Purpose, Our Cause

Lay Apostolic Ministries with the Poor (LAMP) is made up of persons of all ages and walks of life who share the Catholic faith and share the call to serve through a ministry of presence and faith evangelization. We are called together by the Holy Spirit to move with Jesus and Mary’s compassionate heartbeat for the materially poor in the greater New York City area.

Through God’s grace working in LAMP, countless people have come to know Jesus and His love, and their lives have been transformed. Reminding them of God’s personal love, we help them rediscover their own dignity and goodness, enabling them to begin taking responsible steps in bettering their condition.

We support and strengthen the spiritual lives of the people we meet through evangelization and personal faith sharing. As missionaries, we learn from fellow LAMP missionaries, but we also learn from the people we serve who often teach and convert our own hearts. Serving the poors makes us spiritually stronger and reminds us of God’s love to properly fulfill our missions.

Who Are We?

We are a community of Catholic lay adults who share the calling to serve and love the materially poor with the message of Jesus’s love. We live together in community and share a devotion to daily mass, prayer, and living out our faith through service of others.

Comprising both single men, women and married couples, our missionaries experience this call to a full or part-time commitment of at least one full year to assist in materially poor parishes, serve with homeless families and evangelize at other sites of poverty.

What We Do?

We reach out to individuals who are suffering in different ways through our five ministries. With each ministry having its own focus, we are able to connect with those we are helping on a deeper level and form unique connections.

LAMP Missionaries contribute greatly to the individuals and communities around them by alleviating stresses and anxieties, filling a void with love and compassion, and serving as non-medical frontliners during a real time of need (COVID).

Our five ministries are: LAMP Cafe, Holy Cross Visitation & Fellowship, LAMP for Life, Nursing Home & Hospital Visitation, Homeless Shelter & Visitation.