Feeding Our Neighbors

Feeding Our Neighbors

There is just one goal for Feeding Our Neighbors: to ensure that no hungry neighbor is turned away.

Feeding Our Neighbors is a united effort to fight hunger. This campaign is a response to Timothy Cardinal Dolan's call that we all do our part to replenish food pantries and soup kitchens in our community, that so many families rely on to survive. 

Sponsored by Catholic organizations throughout the Archdiocese of New York and managed by Catholic Charities, 100 percent of contributions to the campaign support local food pantries that serve New Yorkers, non-Catholics and Catholics alike.

Organizational participants in Feeding Our Neighbors include all Archdiocesan Catholic schools, local parishes, the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), the Archdiocesan Catechetical Office, the Office of Youth Ministry and the Catholic Charities Federation.



The Challenge of Feeding the Hungry

  • The cost of living In New York is high: the cost of a low-cost meal within the Archdiocese of New York is nearly 9% higher than the national average. 
  • Nearly 325,000 of children throughout the 10 counties of the New York Archdiocese do not have enough to eat.
  • More than 1.7 million people in New York City live in poverty.
  • More than 20% of our New York City neighbors have difficulty affording food. 
  • Families with children fare worse: 39 percent of parents and children in New York City have difficulty affording food.


Please join us! 

Help us collect and distribute food packages across pantries and shelters throughout the New York area.
Because ultimately, we do the most good when we do it together.

A Message from Cardinal Dolan

"We need to feed the hungry in the name of Jesus, and that is a high honor and call. We need to make sure that none of our neighbors are ever turned away when they look to the church for help." - Timothy Cardinal Dolan

Feeding Our Neighbors: An Interfaith Response

UJA/Federation and the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies have joined with Catholic Charities to expand Feeding Our Neighbors as an interfaith campaign on behalf of New York’s hungry.


Jennifer Jones Austin, CEO of The Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, Eric Goldstein, CEO of UJA Federation of New York and Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, Executive Director of Catholic Charities the Archdiocese of New York

In this great city too many children and families struggle every day with hunger. They have no access to the nourishing foods that many of us take for granted.  An Interfaith Response unites Catholic Charities, UJA-Federation of New York, and the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, to raise awareness about our community's issue of hunger and food insufficiency. Through the shared values of “No hungry neighbor should be turned away” and “Let all who are hungry come and eat" our organizations collectively pledge to make a difference in the lives of those who are hungry and in need.

Each year, beginning the last week of January, we’ll be leveraging our collective reach and already expansive networks for even greater impact — with the audacious goal of collecting and distributing a combined one million meals to feed the hungry throughout New York.


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