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Westchester Labor Alliance/ Alianza Laboral de Westchester

Yields Nearly $400,000 in Recovery of Stolen Wages in Five Years


The Westchester Labor Alliance, (WLA)/Alianza Laboral de Westchester, (ALW) recently presented five women who were the plaintiffs in a case brought against Elise’s Food and More in Port Chester, with the first $15,000 of a $47,000 total restitution granted.   This highly publicized criminal case was brought by Don Bosco Workers and successfully prosecuted by the Office of the New York Attorney General in 2015.

The Alliance is composed of the following community organizations Don Bosco Workers, Inc.; Community Resource Center (Hispanic Resource Center); Neighbors Link; Catholic Charities Community Services of the Archdiocese of New York – Obreros Unidos; United Community Center of New Rochelle.

Joining the event were NYS Assembly Members, Steven Otis and Shelley Meyer, acknowledged the success of the WLA/ALW and renewed their commitment to advocating for low income workers as key to economic development in Westchester County.

“We are really sending a message that Westchester belongs to all of us. We are going to see to it that all laws that apply to workers apply to every worker.  Every worker is entitled to the protection of labor laws and working together we can ensure that that happens, when there are violators they get punished,“ said Assemblywoman Shelley Meyers.  “We stand strong message to our employment community, labor community that we are united and we are going to protect all of our friends and neighbors that are working to make our community great.  It is my pleasure to work with Catholic Charities and all of the Alliance members,” she added.

“Wage theft is not just an economic crime it is a moral crime.  You don’t have people do a day’s work and not pay them a day’s pay or what they are supposed to get paid.  We have laws on the books! We need enforcement! We need vigilance!  Very important moral cause,” said Assemblyman Steven Otis.

“This victory solidifies our partnership as an alliance and our ongoing commitment to make Westchester County the first “wage theft free” county in the nation,” said Janet Hernandez, Day Laborer Organizer
Catholic Charities Community Services, Archdiocese of New York.
Over the past five years, WLA/ALW have surpassed expectations as a Westchester based-alliance assisting more than 12,000 men and women in various areas of labor including wage theft recovery, health and safety  (OSHA)  workshops and Know Your Rights trainings. 
The collective efforts of this five member organization alliance has yielded nearly $400,000 in the recovery of stolen wages across a broad range of sectors including construction, restaurant, beauty salons, barber shops and others.