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The vicar and the liberal vanguard - Capitol New York

 Jul. 28, 2015

Of the many unlikely images contained in the Book of Revelation’s description of the apocalypse, there is no mention of a self-consciously liberal mayor of New York referring to the Vatican as “one of the centers of progressive thought in the world right now.”

So while Bill de Blasio’s hosannas to His Holiness last week in a New York Times interview had an earth-shattering quality to them, it is safe to say they do not presage the appearance of four horsemen alighting upon Times Square.

In any case, those formidable equestrians wouldn’t dare show themselves in Bill de Blasio’s New York, lest they incur the wrath of the anti-carriage activists and find themselves beating a hasty retreat through the Hudson River rail tunnels, there to spend eternity and beyond thanks to the demonic machinations of the Bellowing Beast of Trenton.

The mayor’s short pilgrimage to Rome last week for a conference on the environment ended with an expected testimonial to the man to whom he will play host in September, Pope Francis I, the new patron saint of American liberalism. De Blasio’s praise for the head of an institution known for its adherence to tradition and its flinty-eyed skepticism of reformers would have furrowed the brow of many of his progressive predecessors, who were content to believe that the adherents of Rome all carried on their person lists provided to them by Joseph McCarthy.

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