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Together 12,000 Volunteers Remember 9/11 and Served Those in Need

By Jim Sliney Jr. 

September 11, 2019, The Intrepid Air and Space Museum

Any other day of the year, this space would be filled with milling crowds soaking in the history, the science and the service the museum features. But not this day.

September 11th is the National Day of Service and Remembrance and the USS Intrepid (CV-11) was transformed into a basecamp for Tomorrow Together.

uss intrepid cv-11

“Tomorrow Together” is a five-year initiative, supported by a diverse community of national service, youth, faith, and education organizations, to actively promote the ideals of unity, empathy, and service among young people throughout the United States.

The partners who join "Tomorrow Together” incorporate activities and teachings that help young people develop empathy, peace, and togetherness, through charitable service. Though "Tomorrow Together" programs are often associated with 9/11 and the National Day of Service and Remembrance, it is actually an on-going, long-term program focused on cultivating a new generation of empathetic change-makers.

Together, many of the founders of Tomorrow Together (including Catholic Charities of New York) came together aboard The Intrepid, donned their headcovers and packed meals. Lots of meals! In total, Tomorrow-Together’s 12,000 volunteers in 8 different cities packed 2.5 Million meals this 911Day. These meals serve the hungry, and this year, 100,000 of those are going toward Hurricane Dorian relief.

catholic charities volunteers on the uss intrepid

Catholic Charities of New York’s Volunteer Services represented at the Tomorrow Together event with 7 tables full of volunteers, joyfully but busily building oatmeal meal-kits. The energy in the place was joyous. “The reason I participate in this event each year is to be a part of something so immensely positive, intelligent and strategically beneficial which arose out of an event that was so terribly destructive,” said Damian Buzzerio, a Catholic Charities volunteer.

catholic charities volunteers on the uss intrepid

Every two hours there was a brief intermission that would start with a prayer. Leading the volunteers in prayer was Sister Joann Sambs of The Dwelling Place of New York, a Catholic Charities of New York Agency.

Sister Joann Sambs of the Dwelling Place leading prayer

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