A Territory In Need

On the Catholic Charities Sirius XM radio show JustLove this month , Executive Director of Catholic Charities, Monsignor Sullivan discussed with Archbishop Roberto Gonzalez how the American Public can lend a voice to Puerto Rico.

On July 1st , Puerto Rico will likely default on its two billion dollar payment on the island’s 72 billion dollar debt. The Governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro García Padilla, called the debt unpayable and has urged congress to bailout the US territory.

As the Archbishop of San Juan de Puerto Rico, Roberto O. Gonzalez Nieves lends his voice to the island in an effort to prevent a humanitarian crisis. Over the past few months he has called upon the public to encourage political leaders, religious, labor, artists, painters, banks, unions and the public at large to join together in union and solidarity “to create a voice for Puerto Rico.”

The territories’ woes go beyond a default with a striking human cost. In the past decade, Puerto Rico has seen its population shrink by 440,000 and its taxes rise from 7% to 11.5% in less than a year.  Schools have closed, hospital budgets have been slashed and pensions looted.  

“This is a Puerto Rican crisis, which means it is an American crisis,” said the Treasury Department’s Antonio Weiss. “Puerto Rico is already in distress. What started as recession has turned into a fiscal and liquidity crisis that shows signs of becoming a humanitarian one as well.” Without action, this crisis can only escalate.”

Msgr. Sullivan also spoke with Samuel Rodriguez, National Chair of Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony National Committee, about the recent honor given to the 65th Infantry Regiment for its pioneering military service, devotion to duty, and many acts of valor in the face of adversity.

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