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TEAM Newburgh Hosts Fun Day at Algonquin Park - Hudson Valley Press

NEWBURGH – For seven years, the youth from the City of Newburgh have enjoyed an annual summer fishing trip, thanks to TEAM Newburgh.

The community-based collaborative of more than 75 partners, TEAM Newburgh is dedicated to improving and enhancing the quality of life for young people in the City of Newburgh.

Due to the finding of PFOS in Washington Lake, this year the group organized a fun filled day at Algonquin Park. Regina Cieslak, Partnership for Success Coordinator for Catholic Charities Community Services of Orange County, which serves as the lead agency for TEAM Newburgh, organized the event.

“Look at the kids having fun. That’s what today is all about,” Cieslak said.

The kids took full advantage of all the park has to offer. They started by exploring the historic park, the powder mill buildings and the remains from the Civil War era. All seemed to enjoy the nature trails and the pond on the spacious 41 acre park land.

After lunch, the children took over the different pieces of play equipment. Others formed two teams for an exciting game of kick ball.

“Look at the kids, just being kids and playing, having a good time. That’s what we want to see today, kids having fun,” said Dawn Wilkin Assistant Director of Prevention Services for Catholic Charities Community Services of Orange & Sullivan Counties.

Cieslak thought the day was a huge success, thanks to the help of all the participating partners. Cieslak stated, “I would just like to thank all of the TEAM Newburgh partners who helped to make this an amazing day for the City of Newburgh kids. The activities were fun, well planned and supervised, with something for everyone.”

Cieslak was especially thankful for the food for the children, which was provided by Pastors Annette and Jose Vasquez of Church at the Bridge. “It was great and plentiful,” Cieslak said, continuing, “And the police van and dog were a big hit as well.”

In reference to the volunteers who came out on a hot summer day to ensure the kids had a fun and safe day, she said, “You are amazing partners and I am so grateful for all of your hard work and effort.”

For the kids who spent the day without video games, smartphones or other technology the response was overwhelmingly positive. “I had so much fun today,” one youngster said, then asked, “Can we do it again tomorrow?”

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