Immigrants And Refugees
By Peter Feuerherd Words often don’t come easily for many residents at Astor Services for Children and Families in Rhinebeck, who range in age from five to 14. It can be difficult to articulate childhood trauma. That’s why the Expressive Arts Program at Astor, which also operates a facility in the...
The first years of a baby’s life can be very expensive. A baby can go through upwards of 10 diapers a day, which the National Diaper Network estimates can cost $70-80 a month, per baby. That’s around $900 a year. According to Walmart, new parents can expect to spend an average of $2,700 in...
Imagine all the people who landed in foster care — John Lennon. Ella Fitzgerald. Eddie Murphy. Marilyn Monroe. Steve Jobs. Ice T. Cher. Nelson Mandela. Eleanor Roosevelt. J.R.R.R. Tolkien. And about 8,000 children in New York City right now. They all ended up living with foster families—or with relatives, in...