Service In Schools

Are you a

  •  Teacher interested in developing volunteer opportunities for your students? 
  • Parent who wants to teach your children about the importance of serving the community? 

You’ve come to the right place! “Service in Schools” is your chance to partner with Catholic Charities to start students as life-long volunteers with a wide variety of volunteer activities created just for kids.
Here are our 6 top reasons for children to take part in Service in Schools:

  1. Learn the importance of paying it forward. 
  2. Develop business skills in marketing, fundraising, budgeting and more
  3. Meet learning expectations while developing a life-long mission to serve others
  4. Understand Catholic social teaching
  5. Expand students’ perspectives
  6. Support New Yorkers in need served by Catholic Charities

We’ll help you brainstorm to choose great projects, everything from fundraising to fill backpacks for children in need to creating games to help new Americans learn English to…Well, you name it and we’ll help make it happen.

Check out Catholic Charities Service in the Schools