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Schumer Announces $2.1 Million In Federal Funds For Catholic Charities’ Disaster Case Management Program


Catholic Charities Operates the NYS Disaster Case Management Program for Sandy Victims & Provides 120 Caseworkers Who Help Victims Navigate the Recovery Process; With Approx. 3,000 Cases Still Pending, Program Was Set to Run Out of Funding 

Schumer Announces, After His Push, FEMA Has Approved Over $2 Million to Help Disaster Case Management Program Continue Through October 2015 

Schumer: This FEMA Funding Will Help Approx. 3,000 Sandy Victims Who Are Still In Need of Case Management Assistance

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has approved $2.1 million in funding for Catholic Charities, the organization operating the New York State Disaster Case Management Program for Superstorm Sandy victims, which will allow the program to continue through October. There are currently 3,000 open cases through Catholic Charities and federal funding was necessary to make sure caseworkers could continue helping these victims. In September 2014, FEMA approved a 12-month extension of the program through October 2015, however, millions in federal funding was needed in order to make this extension possible. Schumer’s office has been working to secure this funding and Schumer urged the FEMA Regional Administrator to approve this funding on a personal call. Today, after Schumer’s push, FEMA has announced it will provide Catholic Charities with the much-needed funding to help extend the disaster case management program.

"I am happy to announce that New York State's Disaster Case Management Program contract will continue, uninterrupted. With roughly 3,000 open cases still unfinished, Sandy victims desperately needed this extension to keep the focus on rebuilding their lives and their properties. Without some help and expert advice from great organizations like Catholic Charities, it’s very difficult for homeowners to juggle the competing interests pulling on them. This money will allow this process to continue and we will keep fighting for additional funds,” said Senator Schumer.

“Catholic Charities is pleased that FEMA has responded positively to Senator Schumer’s push to approve NYS’s request to provide funding needed to continue professional case management services to those individuals and families still struggling to recover from the devastating impact of Super-storm Sandy.   This will also enable an appropriate transition the case management program over the next few months for those currently being helped,” said Msgr. Kevin Sullivan.

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York currently operates the NYS Disaster Case Management Program. Through the program, caseworkers are assigned to help Sandy victims as they work to rebuild their lives. Specifically, caseworkers help answer questions about recovery, develop a plan, connect individuals with appropriate community resources, determine the type of financial assistance may be available and advocate on a person’s behalf.

Catholic Charities and its network of 14 community based organization have approximately 120 caseworkers who provide services for Sandy victims. The caseworkers are still providing case management services to approximately 3,000 active cases of New Yorkers struggling to recover from Sandy.  The Archdiocese submitted a request for more funding to help continue the Disaster Case Management Program through October. Without the additional funding, the Archdiocese would not be able to help the approximately 3,000 Sandy victims who still have open cases.

Schumer today announced, after his push, FEMA has approved $2.1 million in federal funding to allow Catholic Charities to continue the Disaster Case Management Program through October 2015.