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New York Becomes First State To Offer Legal Services To Immigrants Facing Deportation - VIBE

Studies show a mere three percent of detained immigrants avoid deportation without a lawyer, but New York plans to change that.

According to New York Daily News, the Empire State is set to dedicate $10 million from its new budget to immigrant legal services, with $4 million designated for the Vera Institute of Justice, $2 million for the Hispanic Federation, and $1 million each for the New York Immigration Coalition, the Empire Justice Center, Catholic Charities Community Services and the Northern Manhattan Immigration Coalition for Immigrant Rights.

The news follows Gov. Cuomo’s recently announced Liberty Defense Project, which makes New York the first state to assist immigrants in obtaining legal counsel regardless of status.

“The story of New York is the story of immigrants and this funding builds upon this administration’s long-standing work to protect those seeking a better life as New Yorkers,” he said. “Through this first in the nation public-private partnership, we will fight to ensure all immigrants have access to their rights under the law and that New York continues to be a beacon of hope and opportunity for all.”

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