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New Director Seeking to Help Ladies of Charity Extend Reach - Catholic New York

Mary Buckley Teatum is ready to take the Ladies of Charity into a new era.

She was appointed director of the Ladies of Charity in March.

“I’m learning a lot and hoping we can increase our membership and continue the wonderful work we’ve been doing and expand some of our programs and ministries to other areas of the archdiocese,’’ said Mrs. Buckley Teatum, a Ladies of Charity member for four years.

The Ladies of Charity is a Catholic Charities agency in the archdiocese. The Catholic Charities website states each Lady of Charity makes a spiritual commitment to the Vincentian mission to serve the poor, those who are deprived materially or those who are poor in spirit. Their service benefits hospitals, nursing homes, child care agencies and parishes in the archdiocese.

“You see the expression on people’s faces when they see people out there who care and support them in their needs. That gives me great satisfaction,” Mrs. Buckley Teatum said. “There are so many things that need to be addressed in our society. You see it on TV, but when you actually put it in action and you do for others where need exists, it is very rewarding.’’

Mrs. Buckley Teatum said the Ladies of Charity have more than 500 members in the archdiocese and hope to attract new younger members through current members and by promoting the agency. The Ladies of Charity have several programs in the archdiocese, including one giving layettes to newborn babies of unwed mothers.

“We have a lot of different events during the course of the year,” she said. “We not only focus on volunteer work, but there is a spiritual component for our members...We had a day for spiritual reflection in Westchester and Manhattan, and we’re having one on Staten Island in June. We try to bring spirituality into it because we are living the Gospel of Christ through the work we do.”

Mrs. Buckley Teatum served as a teacher and assistant principal with the New York City Department of Education for 32 years before retiring in 2004. She also was an adjunct lecturer at Brooklyn College and is currently an adjunct lecturer at St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in child study from St. Joseph’s College, and has master’s degrees with a specialization in reading from Brooklyn College and in administration and supervision from Pace University.

She has been married for 27 years to Ray Teatum, who served as lieutenant of the Holy Sepulchre’s Eastern Lieutenancy.

Information: (212) 371-1011, ext. 2542.