Public Statements

Message from Msgr. Kevin Sullivan on the Rockland County Attack


Hate and violence should have no part in our world. The attacks in Rockland County against members of the Jewish community during a Chanukah service of light, are a tragic reminder that the darkness of sin and evil has not been vanquished. For Christians, whose faith is rooted in the Jewish religion, such attacks are particularly hurtful and require clear repudiation.  During the Christmas season they call us to be more ardent advocates for respect, tolerance and understanding.  For those of us at Catholic Charities, these attacks against the Jewish community reinforce the value of the close and longstanding partnerships we have with the Jewish community in fostering the common good for all people, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity and class.  In solidarity with all faiths, we pray, and we work together.   

Read His Eminence Cardinal Dolan's statement regarding the attack.