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Meet Miguel: Struggling to Survive, Disabled, and Caring for his Disabled Family

by John-Mark de Palma

Miguel, who lives in the Bronx, owed over $8,220 in rent and was facing eviction before coming to Catholic Charities New York. Unable to find employment, Miguel has three herniated discs and supports his disabled wife and daughter by looking for items in the trash that can be repaired and sold. Since experiencing the traumatic crib death of their son, his wife Maria suffers from schizophrenia, and his elliptic daughter Gussett is cognitively disabled.

A Catholic Charities case manager was able to negotiate with Miguel’s landlord for a lower rent and a delay on the eviction. The case manager then coordinated payment of the back rent through several New York City eviction prevention programs and worked to secure an apartment the family could afford.

“I have to take care of everyone in my family; cook, clean, make the beds,” Miguel said.  “Having a new home is wonderful but, on top of that, it’s meant so much to have someone listen and sympathize with me.”

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