Macy’s & Deloitte Make Significant Impact in Washington Heights

By Teresa Santiago

Earlier this summer, graduate participants of the In-School Youth (ISY), program in Washington Heights received valuable leadership training and career building advice from two of New York’s iconic companies; the retail fashion giant Macy’s and the worldwide financial company Deloitte.

At Macy’s former ISY participants, now in their freshman year in college, received a full day of professionalism training, team building and leadership development advice.  They met with Macy’s professional stylists who coached them on the importance of dressing for success. Each participant was given a full professional outfit of their choice for job interviews and special occasions.  The day ended with dinner at the famed Havana Central in Manhattan and the Broadway musical, Lion King.

"Sometimes we don't realize how important the way you look, act in public and speak is to a potential employer. It was great to get counseling and tips on what types of clothes to wear on a job interview to leave a memorable impression, “said Aldo Rodriguez, 19, sophomore at the College of Staten Island.

Taniya Lewis, 18, a freshman at the Borough of Manhattan Community College expressed, “I loved the advice I received from the Macy’s stylists. I feel confident that I will be remembered after I leave an interview.  I learned that you have be comfortable and confident in anything that you do and wear.”

On June 10th, ISY hosted its third annual Deloitte Impact Day, the financial company’s worldwide day of service.  Impact Day is a celebration of Deloitte’s year-round commitment to local communities. Member firms around the world host Impact Day activities where Deloitte professionals spend the day volunteering.

At ISY, Deloitte volunteers worked with participants on confidence building, public speaking and interviewing skills.  They conducted small group discussions and ice breaker challenges such as the human knot to build confidence.  The professionals reviewed resumes and conducted actual interviews.  The day ended with participants receiving valuable solid feedback on their interview skills, confidence, work readiness skills and comfort in speaking about themselves.  For many of these participants these lessons and feedback will be crucial as they enter the workforce for the first time. 

“I feel much more confident and prepared to go on a job interview and make an impression.  The volunteers from Deloitte really did make an impact on all of us,” said attendee Eric Tejada 18, freshman at the Universal Technical Institute.

Luis Siri, 18, freshman at Vaughn College, said: “ I am taking way a lot of good advice that will help me in getting a job.  From interviewing tips, to building my resume to feeling confident and expressing myself well”.

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