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Happy 100th Anniversary to Catholic Charities!

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Happy 100th Anniversary to our beloved Catholic Charities. A century ago this very month, the legislature of New York State formally incorporated the Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York to help the people of New York. Since then, for 100 years, this help and support has been provided with compassion and with respect for the dignity of each person as made in the image of God, to non-Catholics and Catholics alike.

The past 100 years have created a proud legacy of feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, supporting the disabled, strengthening families and welcoming newcomers. But, I don’t need to tell you that our world is ever changing and along with it are the new and emerging needs of our most vulnerable New Yorkers. Catholic Charities is poised to address those needs as they launch the next century of providing help and creating hope across the boroughs of New York City and the counties of the Hudson Valley.

There are several key initiatives that Catholic Charities has undertaken or will launch over the course of their centennial year to meet the needs of New Yorkers, including a food hub in the Bronx, a substance abuse recovery center in Sullivan County, a low vision clinic in Manhattan, new affordable family apartments, safe haven beds for the homeless, and a “For Help” mobile application. And, there is much more being done day in and day out to touch the lives of more than 350,000 individuals each year.

I ask that you share my pride that it is the Gospel of Jesus and our Catholic faith that inspires this tremendous outpouring of charity and caring for very vulnerable New Yorkers. Please join me in celebrating Catholic Charities’centennial. Maybe we might use the occasion to remind each of us to be a bit more charitable in our own lives.

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Faithfully in Christ,

Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan Archbishop of New York