The Generosity of Generation Y

Generation Y or Millennials are known for many things, getting married later and higher debt among them – but, they are also more generous than any generation before them, according to a recent study. Catholic Charities Executive Director Monsignor Kevin Sullivan interviewed Lindsay Pistilli and Joseph Camerata, two millennials who regularly volunteer with the Catholic Charities Junior Board. Their discussion emphasizes the value of millennials and all volunteers at Catholic Charities.

The study draws attention to the impact that can already be seen at Catholic Charities. “The Millennial Impact Report” revealed that millennials donate their time and funds to support causes they view as important. Roughly 84% of millennials surveyed make charitable donations and about 70% spend at least an hour volunteering each month. In fact, millennials donate more resources and time to the causes they support than any other generation in history. 

At Catholic Charities, the Junior Board provides an opportunity for millennials to engage with causes they care about. Annually, the Junior Board provides over 4,000 individuals with warm clothing and household necessities through the St. Nicholas Project.

Ms. Pistilli and Mr. Camerata came into the studio to discuss with Msgr. Sullivan the importance of generosity and why they chose Catholic Charities as the place to donate their time. Msgr. Sullivan also interviewed Associate Dean of Research at Tufts University, Peter Levine, about the premium millennials place on volunteer experiences.

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