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Estate Planning: Simple Steps Everyone Can Follow

Catholic Charities New York: From estate planning, wills and trusts, The Ladies of Charity, part of the Catholic Charities of New York family, share their tip for financial planning.  

Snacking on salmon tea sandwiches and freshly baked cookies, 40 women, nearly all Ladies of Charity members whose motto is “making a difference”, along with several men hunkered down last week on the top floor of the New York Catholic Center to focus on planned giving.

New income tax laws change standard deductions, tax exemptions and who can lower their taxes through charitable deductions because they still need to itemize, she told the group. But we plan our charitable donations mainly for nontax reasons, because we want to give to a specific charity, and less because of concern about income and estate taxes when we are no longer alive.  Remember, “don’t let the tail wag the dog,” said Sarah B. Rebosa, the event’s guest speaker and partner at Cullen and Dykman LLP specializing in complex estate and tax planning. 

Read more at Catholic Charities of New York’s Blog. If you are interested in supporting the work of Catholic Charites through planned giving, please contact Mary Ann Routlage.