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Catholic Charities launches $100M campaign to fund projects like affordable housing and helping immigrants - NY Daily News

Catholic Charities marked its 100th anniversary Sunday and launched a fund-raising campaign to raise $100 million over the next five years to support its charitable work.

“We don’t ask to see baptismal certificates, drivers licenses, passports or green cards,” Timothy Cardinal Dolan said in an address to the group’s centennial celebration at 30 Rockefeller Center.

“All we care about is that the folks who come here are God’s children — the person whose stomach is growling and whose heart is troubled.”

He announced a series of new projects Catholic Charities plans to kick off this year: a 1,000-apartment affordable housing project in the Bronx, a safe haven for homeless people in East Harlem, a new food hub and network of food pantries, and a recovery center for opioid addiction.

And much of the cash, he noted in the aftermath of President Trump’s executive order temporarily banning entry of people from certain countries, will go to aiding immigrants.

“We are going to spend a lot of that on behalf of immigrants,” Dolan said. “If you see what we do — helping them become legal, helping them become united families, helping them get settled here to become productive, proud patriotic American citizens — we’re going to keep doing that big time.”

Mayor de Blasio, Gov. Cuomo, Sen. Chuck Schumer and others came to pledge their support for the group.

“Catholic Charities, like so many great organizations, started with the good will of everyday people — clergy, nuns, everyday residents of neighborhoods who saw problems that had to be addressed and banded together,” de Blasio said. “Catholic Charities serves all, and it’s a difference maker in so many lives.”

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