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Cardinal Dolan helps Catholic Charities celebrates one year of hope and recovery in Sullivan County - MidHudson News

MONTICELLO – It was a delightful spring afternoon in Monticello Thursday, a point not lost on Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, who made the journey to Sullivan County to celebrate what began a year ago. 

Cardinal Dolan took note of the significance of the season.

 “Spring goes on here, Passover goes on here, resurrection goes on here, Easter goes on here,” the cardinal noted.  “And if you want to hear people speak about it a heck of a lot more eloquently than I ever can, listen to Joyce and listen to the people that I just met upstairs.  They will talk to you about dying and rising.”

Joyce is an addict who found hope and recovery through the Monticello center of Catholic Charities of Orange County, but at first, she said some persuading was needed. 

“So I end up staying,” Joyce said.  “And in the process of staying, the staff is wonderful to me.  They’re very respectable.  And, it’s an honor that they teach me how to live today, because I didn’t know how to live out there.”

Joyce is now a ‘trusted servant’ teaching the younger ladies to give themselves a chance. 

That brings gratification to Sullivan County officials, including Health and Family Services Commissioner Joseph Todora.

“Having Catholic Charities here means not only do we have a recovery center operational and working well, but, they’re going to be here bringing a whole other scope of services to Sullivan county that we haven’t had a chance to take advantage of, so, I’m just very excited about having them in our community again,” Todora said.

In closing his brief and very upbeat remarks, Cardinal Dolan said he and the Archdiocese are the ones full of gratitude. 

“You’ve been kind enough to thank us.  We’re the ones that are thanking you.  You allow us to keep the resurrection going. You allow us to keep Easter Sunday alive at this magnificent institution.”

It was in April 2015 that Catholic Charities Community Services of Orange County assumed management of the former Recovery Center, at the request of New York State. 

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