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Bronx, the Last Bastion of Affordable Housing, Begins Losing Its Battle

By Alice Kenny 

1 Min Read: Gentrification, richer people buying homes in poorer places, is now, more than ever before, pushing struggling New Yorkers out of some of the city’s most vulnerable neighborhoods, according to two recent reports.  Fortunately, Catholic Charities NY is pushing back. 

Catholic Charities’ partner, Catholic Homes New York, recently opened new affordable housing here. St. Augustine Apartments, a sparkling 14-story building in Morrisania built on the site of a former church with that name, sports 112 units of sun-filled, polished-wood floor affordable housing units.  This includes 35 supportive housing units for residents facing severe mental health issues and supported by Catholic Charities Beacon of Hope.  This brings to 2,300 the number of affordable housing units provided by the Association of New York Catholic Homes.  They house veterans, people with special needs, formerly homeless individuals and families.  Meanwhile, two more projects are under construction in the Bronx.  They include St. Vincent de Paul with 89 units for seniors and Second Farms with 319 units for families. Read more on Catholic Charities Blog.


Catholic Homes New York | Catholic Charities Affordable Housing Website

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